Decree Series - Trail 27.5"

Meet the ultimate trail bike. The Decree is a no compromise machine that utilises the modern 27.5-inch wheel platform and Felt Active Stay Technology (FAST) suspension to allow for cross-country-like climbing and incredible decending prowess.

Its geometry is characterised by a low bottom bracket height, long front end and slack head angle, all of which combine for enhanced stability at high speeds.

Riders also have the freedom to tune the Decrees geometry thanks to Felts innovative Flip Chip system. Changing orientation of these eccentric chips in the seat stay pivot will raise or lower the bottom bracket height by 10mm and slacken or steepen the head angle by one degree, allowing riders to personalise the Decree to their unique riding style.

Along with internal cable routing, a removable front derailleur mount and accommodation for dropper posts, the Decree is the one trail bike for all occasions.

Now in stock at Flitch Bikes Ltd and available for test rides.*
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Felt Z Endurance series

Designed for Grand Fondo, endurance rides, or a road race, the Z series is Felts most versatile road bike.
The geometry puts the rider in an all day position without compromising performance and handling. 
The longer wheelbase gives this bike a stable riding platform whilst still maintaining responsive handling characteristics, resulting in a bike ideal for epic adventures or races alike.

Flitch Bikes Ltd is currently stocking the Z100 at £630, Z85 at £900 and Z5 at £1400. Other models available to order.

V Adventure series

The V is a performance adventure bike that is not afraid of a little gravel, with a slightly longer wheelbase, rugged components and wheels, the V is a perfect bike for anyone searching for an exciting new experience.

Be it an epic tour or simply continuing to ride beyond the roads end, the V is made to last.

Flitch Bikes Ltd is now stocking the V100 at £700 and V85 at £1175. Other models are available to order.'